Some Benefits of AAP Membership

  • Member benefits, including lab discounts, free weekly Alcohol & Drug Abuse Weekly and SAAS membership—the value of which exceeds the cost of dues for some member levels.

  • AAP has a seat on all state policy workgroups, from counselor trainee certification to drug court funding, and effectively represents the collective view of providers.

  • You benefit from exchange of ideas, model policies, and forms to apply in your own programs while networking with other directors at the monthly meetings.

    To view additional benefits of an AAP membership, please read this brochure.

    AAP has been the voice of chemical dependency for 30 years! Accomplishments include:

    • Accomplished significant vendor rate increases for residential (2005) and outpatient programs (2007).

    • Worked on legislative counselor trainee certification committee (2006).

    • Passage of legislation to certify Chemical Dependency Professionals (1998).

    • Obtained early legislation mandating DUI assessments (1981) on all DUIs and defeated recent legislation which would add cumbersome unfunded DUI mandates (2003-07).

    • Preserved deferred prosecution from repeal many times since its inception (1972-2000).

    • Added outpatient treatment to mandated chemical dependency treatment benefits (1982).

    • Saved ADATSA from elimination (1988 and again in 1995).

    • Added chemical dependency treatment to the Basic Health Plan and high-risk insurance pool (1993).

    • Insurance benefit for chemical dependency treatment increased with inflationary adjustments (1996).

    • Obtained State exemption to assure welfare benefits for drug addicts in treatment (1992).
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