Our Work

Since its inception over 50 years ago, the Washington State Association of Alcoholism and Addiction Programs (AAP) has consistently been at the forefront as the voice of substance use disorder treatment. Throughout its history, AAP has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of treatment through its dedicated public and legislative advocacy.

Advocacy and Impact: Our Ongoing Efforts

The association’s efforts have been instrumental in defending deferred prosecution, expanding DUI laws to include mandatory assessment and treatment, broadening treatment access for the indigent and low-income populations, enhancing healthcare coverage for SUD, and promoting early identification and treatment of the disease. Approximately one-third of AAP’s activities are focused on lobbying the Legislature and Congress, while the remaining efforts are devoted to state regulation, professional development, and public education.

AAP’s proactive approach has led to significant legislative achievements, including initiatives to override federal laws that prohibited drug felons from receiving public assistance and food stamps, expanding treatment options for indigents, advocating for state certification of chemical dependency counselors, adopting national patient placement criteria, improving health insurance benefits for SUD, and coordinating educational and collaborative efforts. These efforts have kept members informed and involved in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, particularly in the context of managed care.

Key accomplishments of AAP include:

1981: Secured laws mandating alcoholism assessments for all DUI offenses.
1982: Led state insurance mandates for a full continuum of care, including Intensive Outpatient and family counseling.
1983: First of many successful defenses of deferred prosecution and DUI laws requiring evaluation and treatment.
1985: Initiated advocacy for adequate treatment funding and early intervention.
1989-1996: Collaborated with the Insurance Commissioner to ensure minimum benefits in group health plans in line with ASAM, along with regular inflationary adjustments.
1998: Achieved passage of state certification for chemical dependency counselors.
2005: Advocated for the expansion of residential treatment capacity and rates.
2006: Sponsored the inaugural AAP Annual Provider Conference.
2007: Led a legislative movement to increase public vendor rates.
2017: Championed legislation to separate state certification from contracting, implemented in 2018.

Join Our Legacy: Become a Part of AAP's Future

AAP’s journey reflects its commitment to enhancing substance use disorder treatment and advocacy. As we look to the future, we invite you to join us in continuing this vital work. Become a member of AAP and be a part of a legacy that changes lives and shapes the future of substance use disorder treatment and policy.

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We invite you to attend the vibrant gathering of minds, ideas, and innovations at our AAP Annual Conference. By attending, you connect with a community dedicated to making a real difference in the field, gain invaluable insights, and leave energized and inspired to continue your impactful work.